Review: Imperfect Produce Delivery

This is not a sponsored advertisement. All opinions on the Imperfect Produce service are my own. If you are a company who wants to do a sponsored post, myself and my dozens of readers would love that. Hit me up 😉

Y’all know I love a good grocery delivery service. The less I have to visit the store, the more likely I am to get dinner on the table after a day of work. Imperfect Produce has been doing a ton of advertising locally. Incorporating more veggies into my diet is always a challenge, so I decided to give it a shot!

The website is easy to manage and also has a referral program for friends and family. I found out later you can customize your box but did not do that the first time. The website also tells you how many pounds of produce you’ve diverted from the landfill, how much water you’ve saved, and how much CO2 you’ve kept out of the atmosphere. My geeky heart loves that sort of thing.

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For my first box, I chose the small organic selection with a mix of fruit and vegetables. I was super excited for it to arrive! They deliver between 3pm and 8pm on Wednesdays and you do not need to be home for them to leave a delivery, unlike other services like Amazon. You can customize your box between Thursday at 3pm and Saturday at 12:30 am.

We cracked it open and found a bevy of produce: peaches, beets, romaine lettuce, sweet potatoes, plums and more! This was a ton of food and still the smallest box available. They also gave us googly eyes to stick on the funky fruits and veggies which was lots of fun. The company sends a recipe card as well, although it doesn’t always correlate with the goods in the box. The cardboard box is on the small side and was easy to break down to stick into our recycling bin.

googly plum This was….a lot of food. I forgot to change my delivery settings and when the next box came the following week, I still had unused fruits and vegetables from the first delivery. After that, I set my delivery preferences to be every other week. I think you could order the small box every week if you’re a couple with a small kiddo.

I had good intentions when ordering the fruit. I am not a big fruit eater but my husband is. Despite his best efforts, we ended up 86ing a few peaches and plums as they had gone bad before J could eat them. We also ended up with a bunch of oranges and grapefruits, which I gave to a friend.

One of the things I like most about Imperfect Produce is it encourages me to try new things. I roasted beets for the first time! I now know what to do with a parsnip! I forgot how easy of a dinner a baked potato is!

On my most recent order, I did a cost comparison between the produce ordered from IP, and produce ordered from my usual Amazon delivery. It ends up being $5-10 cheaper with IP.

In conclusion,

The savings combined with the warm fuzzies I get by being a little more sustainable in my cooking habits mean I’ll be using the service for a long time!

My only major complaint: Where are my googly eyes? They only come with the first order! I like to play with my food on the regular 😉

Want to try it yourself? Use this referral link for $10 off your first order.

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